NewDay Youth Substance Abuse Program

Studies reveal that 12-20 year olds drink 11% of all alcohol consumed in America, and that 21% of high school seniors have used marijuana in the last month. Teen experimentation, partying and recreational drug use often grows into addiction. Early intervention is the best path toward a healthy future. NewDay President Dan Johnson believes that by utilizing a biblically-based counseling method, our youth will grow in their faith and away from the addictions that could hurt them for the rest of their lives. This program is for those who have become involved in substance abuse or have shown a pattern typical with potential abuse. “If we can catch them early.” Johnson said, “We can change their course and get them on the right track.”

Johnson and NewDay Clinical Director, Courtney Mathews and Vice President of Ministries, Dr. Mark Shaw designed the program with families in mind. There is a four-week Early Intervention Program and a six-week Outpatient Program with family support available.

The Youth Substance Abuse Program will launch on January 23, please contact NewDay at 317-291-1967 to inquire about program pricing.


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